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IDirectory Home Listings

How to submit your website for listing in

Before you submit your website for listing, here are some things that you need to know;

  • Make sure your website has meta data.
  • When choosing a category for your website make sure that your website's content is relevant to that category
  • If your website is approved for inclusion and you would like it to be listed in more than one category then you can use our premium subscription service.
  • Articles must be submitted to an approprite category under Articles/. Do not submit articles for inclusion in the general directory.

Instructions for Submitting Your Website.

  1. First click the link [iDirectory Home] to browse the categories (see illustration 1).
  2. Second choose the category that best represents your website (see illustration 2).
  3. Next click the link [Submit Your Site] on the same page of your selected category (see illustration 3).
  4. Fill in all the required form fields then click the [Submit] button.

1.Illustration one(1) shows the idirectoryhome links.

2.Illustration two(2) shows an example category.

3.Illustration three(3) shows the [submit your site] link example.

Submitting Your Website To Multiple categories

First submit your website to [one] category to create an account. Once your account is created then you can follow the instruction on how to submit the same website to additional categories.

Click here to submit your website.

Website Title and Brief Description:

To avoid issues in relation to how your website is titled or described in, we recommend that you update your website title and meta description to include the informtion that you want to be used when your website is listed in We will crawl your website when it is submitted for inclusion in and review its content. The information found on your website is what will be used to [generate] a title and website description for the directory.

Please note that the information used to title and describe your webite in is not always your website title or meta description. However we do recommend that you always include a title and meta description for each page of your webite.

There are no guarantees that your website will be index in our directory.

Click here to submit your website.

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